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One… singular sensation
Tea for two
Three blind mice
Six degrees of separation
Eight is enough
A perfect ten
The 12 apostles
Fifteen minutes of fame
76 trombones
Around the world in eighty days
99 Luftballons

You get the picture.

The number is the heart of mathematics of measurement, of time, chronology, history. There are natural numbers, rational and irrational numbers, transcendental numbers, Fibonacci numbers. Without numbers we would not have science or physics, astronomy, divination, feng shui. No sport, no music. 

There would be no stock market, interest rates and loose change, no keypad, no mobile phone!  And how would we know if the devil was in our midst if we didn’t have a number for the beast?

This website is a showcase for numbers –
all types of numbers from all over the shop, assembled in a themed collection or floating purposefully in time and space.

lotsofnumbers.com is brought to you by Six Hats

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