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Immortalise your city today!

This is your chance to capture where you live and share it with the rest of the world.
Lotsofnumbers.com will post your pictures on this website for free.

If you’re submitting a slideshow:

Please send your complete slideshow in Quick Time format.
Your movie should be low resolution (pref 320 by 240 pixels) with a 1 second exposure for images.

Also send your original images individually for the ‘postcards’ section in a single zipped file.* 

If you’re only submitting pictures:

Send your original images in a single zipped file.*

Email your movie and/or pictures to: mymovie@lotsofnumbers.com  or mypictures@lotsofnumbers.com
Include your name and location (i.e. state, country) so we can attribute the pictures to you. If you would like for your movie and/or pictures to link to your website and/or if you would like to include an email address, please provide details.

Please read the Copyright section before you submit your photographs.

* images may be used for commercial purposes


You don’t have to hit 365 if you really don’t want to! But what you have to do is have fun and experiment with ideas. Here are a few to get you thinking…

neon numbers
black and white numbers
numbers in different languages
mosaic numbers
hand-drawn numbers
numbers on t-shirts
license plate numbers


The photographer retains the copyright to his/her images and in submitting images to lotsofnumbers.com grants permission to Six Hats to reproduce the images in alternate formats for commercial purposes.

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